April 24

We enjoy spending time with our family. I did not get around to updating the blog. The grandchild will prevail.

Selina loves the Dingifahren and of course playing and swimming at the beach. Just south we find the Anse Caritan with a gorgeous, perfect beach for small children. The trees give shade to the water.

On April 11, we go to anchor and sail to Grande Anse d'Arlet. The first real sailing trip for Selina. It makes the great, the life on the ship she perfectly masters for their 19 months. It's not surprising with the genes of a sailing couple.
In Anse d'Arlet we linger a little longer. Mathias makes at the diving school Plongée Passion the Open Water certification.

We go much snorkeling and swimming, which is spectacular in this bay. A jump into the water and we can see the big sea turtles while grazing in the seagrass.

On April 19, we sail with engine support against the wind, in the tourist Anse Mitan.
Here we spend quiet Easter and Easter Monday are invited by locals to the traditional crab dinner on the beach.
For two days, we rent a car and explore the island. Mathias climbs the volcano Pele and we visit the museum in St. Pierre, which tells of the great volcanic eruption in 1902.
We will once again sail to St. Anne, there stock up on the goodies of Martinique and then translated to St. Lucia.

April 06

With half our Wind Whisper of the Rodney Bay St. Lucia rushed to Martinique, a great crossing. In Le Marin at anchor we have good opportunities to increase our supplies again. There is finally delicious cheese and wine shop at affordable prices.
Our old camping gas bottles we can exchange them for new, even though we still have the old spray at the right blue. We take the rental car to the countryside and Hans Peter sprays the light blue painted in Brazil bottles medium blue. The man at the gas station we found would have made a good job and replaced the bottle easily.

On Sunday a Yole is still in Le Marin - Regatta held. The local wooden boats with their typical, almost square sails manned by up to 18 sailors, which balance on wooden beams from one side to the other to compensate for the heel. A great spectacle.

The ship is now ready for the young family. Mathias, Livia and Selina come to visit. We combine the Meeting at the airport with a small tour by rental car. We can hardly expect our grandchild and of course the parents to take into the arms of it.
After a day habit on the Whisper, we sail to the nearby bay in front of Sainte Anne.

Mar 18

We still decide to stay a while in Soufriere. We test more buoys places in the hope that they are less in heat - no chance, probably the roles included in the price. 2 nights at the buoy cost EC $ 40, EC $ 80 7 nights (27 CHF, 4 francs per day is really cheap!)
Almost every day we get to enjoy a beautiful rainbow. We have never seen so many rainbow like here in Soufriere.

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Mar 10

Just three weeks we are in St.Lucia. The longer you stay the more willingly do you get the island and its inhabitants.
This island is attacked every day by some cruise ships. The tourists will be distributed during the day over the whole island. Everywhere you meet them. You learn to avoid them and take in spite of everything to many nice locals.
Three days we bring available on our Whisper "front man" to make bulk purchases and to organize a taxi to the airport. On Sunday afternoon we welcome our friends Rosy, Peter and Fleur at Hewanorra Airport, in the south of St.Lucia.
After a breakneck ride with the taxi bus through the beautiful hills, we arrive in Soufriere. After two Dingifahrten we all sit comfortably in the cockpit and exchange the latest news.

We stay four days in Soufriere and the neighboring bay of Anse de Piton, where we enjoy great snorkeling and beach walking. The quaint village of Soufriere, with its beautiful old wooden houses very impress us.
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February 15

We have reached our goal and have arrived in St. Lucia.

In two days we get a visit from the Schmid family, our Swiss friends. For this reason, we sailed up the Windward Iceland at a fast pace. In comparison to charter yachts here but we had plenty of time. However, we are very pleased on the way back the Grenadienen to get to know the beautiful paradise islands between St. Vincent and Grenada detail. Read full post »

January 28

Grenada is truly a dream island. Unfortunately, we have had too little time to discover it right. But we will return, we have very fond in the short time.
With my brother and our sailing friends Renate and Dieter we make five of us an island tour. First we went up the wild West Coast. Again and again we enjoy the beautiful views of the coast, where we'll sail up in a few days.
We visit the "Grenada Chocolate Company". An endearing workers shows us the small production. We can also test the chocolate and tastes really delicious.

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January 26

It is winter and the nights are noticeably cooler. Rolf has a cheese fondue from Switzerland brought us what you would get here in the Caribbean before.
The five of us enjoy it to stir our Brotmocken in cheese.
Hmmm, the leak was ...

January 25

Every Saturday will meet at about 10 sailors with a minibus in the hills of Grenada to drive. In a private home, a retired woman organized a reading and writing project for the native students. Approximately 40 - 50 laughing and radiant children come together at 10 clock in the morning. Benches and chairs are put right and start teaching.

The circuit is first the national anthem sung and prayed, after which the children are in 2-5, he divided groups. A good hour is read and written, adjusted according to the state of knowledge.

After playing in small groups to play video games. Again, is read aloud in a circle, singing and spoken the closing prayer.
As a climax and conclusion of each child gets something small to eat and drink.

A great project I had huge fun to participate on a Saturday.

January 23

On 01.17.2014 the giant crane hoisted the Whisper in the water. Oh how nice it is to live again on a floating vessel.
Rest we could not us. In wind rush we had to prepare the ship for visiting. All work materials, machinery. Colors, sandpaper, and a thousand things more, had to be tucked deep down.
At night we took the rental car to the airport to pick up my brother Rolf. He wants to sail with us to Grenada, for him his first ocean experience.
The weather put us under pressure. A great weather window for the night trip to Grenada was forecast for Tuesday.
Conclusion: No sightseeing - but sailing, bulkheads, assemble the case and make the ship sail clear.
Tuesday we were then so far and could clear outward in Chaguaramas. At 16:00 clock we broke the lines and motorten to Boca de Monos the exit in the northwest of Trinidad.

85 sm we had to sail. The weather was great 14-22 kn wind from the east. The waves are not very pleasant, but it went. For Rolf a great experience for us as well. After 7 months to sail again to discover a new place.
We had no squalls, no rain, a beautiful starry night, what more could you want? (That I'm going to sea sickness, I forget to happiness after arriving again and again!)

Grenada in sight

Morning at 8:00 clock we let the anchor in the Clarks Court, vis à vis the Whisper Cove Marina fall. Warmly welcomed by our sailors we are friends Renate and Dieter, who also introduce us right in the most important of Grenada.
Hans Peter Wassert for the first time our new dinghy and test it.

In the evening we walk together in a wonderful and charming little local restaurant. Where we enjoy on the terrace with wonderful views of a delicious meal.

For starters there's Conch, a 15 - 30 cm giant conch. Then we chose Blue Marlin or Conchcurry. Everything excellent!
We look forward to exploring the beautiful island of Grenada.

December 28

We will spend the New Year still in the country. Our Reconditioning go slowly but surely to the end. The weather has thwarted us a quick thrive. In case of rain or rain chances we had to postpone the deletion of the epoxide.
Just before Christmas we made a trip to a Parang Contest in Paramin. Parang is a style of music for Christmas here is of great importance.
Finally we see something of the beautiful island of Trinidad.

With an old Toyota off-roader Jeep there is a steep and vertiginous a narrow road up the hills. There is noticeably cooler.

We enjoy "Shark and Bake" a traditional Trinidad court. The bulky ladies fry flatbread and shark steaks sizzling in oil. The fish is clamped to cut hot bread, plus there are different sauces, most very sharp. Mmhh delicious!

Christmas we spent with other sailors at a potluck - everyone brings something for the common breakfast with - under a beautiful, old mango tree.

We wish you all good health and much happiness in the New Year
Hans Peter & Lilian

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