September 30

We weigh anchor and sail in Primosten despite weak winds further south. schwachwindsegeln-mit-dem-blister.jpg
In Trogir, we expect visit. Pascal and Schnurbi to rise and sail with us for a week.

After leisurely sailing with blisters we have a pretty bay with a small village Vinisce found.
The next day we continue to Trogir. Two uncomfortable, noisy nights await us there at anchor. The Bora greets us once again and therefore it whistles continuously through the shrouds. Trogir has a well preserved old town, beautiful, situated on an island. We explore the town and are looking for fresh food and a washing machine. With both, we'll find it. It has a great vegetable market, a fish market and large butchers. Soon our fridge is filled again. Read full post »

September 23

The time goes by. We enjoy the days on our Whisper and get used to the new Lebensrhythmus.Mit good wind 4-5 Beaufort we sail across the Kvarner Bay in the northern Artaturi of Mali Losinj. A beautiful bay, which is quite busy in the summer. Currently, it has few ships, also is not exactly swimming weather hip. After a restless night with strong gusts which by shaking our boat, we sail the next day close to the wind on to Premandura. Before we set sail, our ship is used as a staging area for an entire flock of birds. A great sight, hopefully failed ... are not fully our ship! sammelplatz-fur-vogel.jpg

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September 15

From Umag it went into the Solinebucht, this is near the Limskikanal. In a quiet anchorage we enjoyed two days. When the wind fit we sailed with 20 kn wind in the direction of Pula on. Our Whisper went wonderfully close to the wind and we were fast despite show up right in the marina of Pula. There we expected our friends Bernhard and Karl, who came from her sailing back to Pula.

Pula then kept us on longer than desired. The Bora, a stormy north-east wind with rain showers and cooler temperatures made ​​us three days in the Marina linger. Read Full Post »

September 09


So now we are in Umag Croatia and were able to enjoy the first sunset.

We had a calm crossing and the wind, SW 2 Beaufort, of course, came on the nose, although all competitors Erber lessons promised north wind. So we had to stop the 20SM engines, but we wanted to finally go. Now we can enjoy it again to be free. Have einklariert in Umag and now hanging on the buoy in the large harbor.

Once the damage has been repaired in the hull professionally by the painter of the marina and we had the antifouling painted twice, we could finally launching is. But what fright, our Whisper depends on the crane above the water and the crane is no longer Wank. The engine is not running and the crane operator presses nervously and uncontrollably on its self-control around. Hopefully not but suddenly something goes wrong! After 10 long minutes, the crane operator brings help and further launching is running smoothly. Read full post »

September 02

Now we already have many things done. Hans Peter has cobbled an amazing locker in the bow and made a stand for our screws and spare parts boxes.


Yesterday Hanspeter polished the hull of our old lady. We are always looking forward again as it shines afterwards.

Now we wanted to still emphasize the antifouling and launching is on Wednesday. But that should not be so. We noticed at the boat support an approximately 10cm long crack that goes up through the gelcoat. In May we made the crane workers aware of the Deele in a post. The ship was too little on the keel. They brought in front of the rudder to a relief support and we trusted that the ship is good now.

Apparently that was not enough.

Today, the crane operator, the marina manager and the painters came assess the damage. The painter wants to scrape down the gelcoat and fiberglass reinforce the designing and building new tomorrow. This lasts until it is dry for about 3 days. Thus we can at the earliest to expire on Friday.

Fortunately, we have noticed the damage, so it can be kept within limits.

Today we have for the first time removed the antifouling and tomorrow comes the second coat of paint. Then we have time to do other work that we have moved to a later date. To which the weather forecast is not very good. We anticipate it and shall see when we can go.

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