October 22

We got a place in the Marina Bay by accident and now want when the weather is better, overcomes the moment and it rains heavily, our Hydrovane mount. We are also a great way to let customize the linkage of our wind generator. This we have to get here in Gibraltar, as it is difficult to find a shop which can offer high quality stainless steel in Morocco.

Of course, we also hope in between some time to find here in Gibraltar to visit museums and also easy to go shopping times.


October 11

On Sunday, good wind is announced. We set sail with objective Gibraltar. With easterly winds of 4-5 Bf we make a speedy crossing, even though the power is intermittently with 1.2 knots against us.
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October 10

Now we know how to do it, and soon we are at the very early morning in Morocco (Moroccan time - 2 hrs CET). We march on the main road and keep your out of sight of the taxi rank a taxi. We negotiate and can drive at a good price to Tangier. The journey takes us along the coast of Western value about 70 km through a beautiful hilly landscape.

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October 08

From Ceuta, we reach with a bus in 10 minutes. Situated close to the border. This we pass on foot and plunge immediately into another world. Surrounded by many Moroccans we are asked for the Where, tourist guides would like to sell a day tour. But we want to be traveling alone. A bus to Tetouan we find nowhere (later we find out that it can not drive right up to the border, otherwise the taxi business would be affected.)
Along the coast we drive by taxi to the city of Tetouan, 45 km away. We look forward to the great Medina (Old Town), which was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.
tetouan.jpg museum-tetouan-2.jpg tetouan-1.jpg

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October 04

In perfect weather but unfortunately we no wind motors to Estepona, for a short time, we can still put the blister. Since no wind is announced, we remain a farther day. We take a trip to the nearby old towns, while Livia and Lilian extensively inspect the shops, make it Mathias and Hans Peter cozy.
ceuta.jpg ceuta-2.jpg strand-estepona.jpg
Then we walk on the deserted beach along and looking for the most beautiful stones. At the end it's even fast in the sea but already cool, wonderful ....! Read full post »

October 03

The time passes quickly in Benalmádena. Once again, great shopping is announced, we explore with our bikes the area, stroll along the beach and do some for the ship. Hans Peter sets up a workbench to bring a an old Autohelm 3000 up and running. werkbank.jpg
Lilian pulls out the sewing machine and sews everything needs doing so. In particular, the flags must be strengthened. naharbeiten.jpg
We can expect Livia and Mathias pick in Málaga hardly. We take the opportunity to explore Málaga and pack our bikes. With the bus we are in a short time in Malaga. Our wheels are quickly unpacked and we explore the beautiful city and its beautiful park with great plants and its attractions. Once there we meet a specific, small market of Ökoproduzenten the area. Hmmm what it would be since to buy everything, but we resist the temptation because we do not want to lug around all throughout the day.
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