June 25

We are looking forward to our first hike in La Gomera. Claudia and Bernd from the SY STILL CRAZY invite us to a common hiking tour. First, we unfortunately have to cancel because Hans Peter caught a summer cold, but on Friday it's off in the morning on the bus. Udo, a German who lives here has heard of a fiesta in the village of Benchijigua, a 12-strong place. He is a great guide and knows the move each little plant, which corresponds very Lilian. It determines our tour and so we start in the middle of the island at 1074 m above sea / ocean.

After 2 hours walking through a beautiful Barranco (ravine), we arrive at the right time, the Ermita de San Juan (small chapel) above Benchijigua. The service will soon be over and the two beautifully decorated with fresh flowers saint are carried out to the chapel. The small community is going to be a procession through the valley's. Musicians play on drums and huge Holzkastagnetten and accompany the procession. After half an hour, the saints will be returned and the festival takes its course. Now a band playing island hit, people stocking up on drinks and grilled food. A peaceful gathering of young and old, locals and foreigners.

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June 23

The Midsummer, the celebration of the summer solstice, is celebrated on La Gomera. Even the natives lit fires to thank the gods for the harvest and to ward off evil.
It is celebrated with a combination of Christian and pagan traditions. First, we mention all processions of the Holy San Juan to the evening to light the pyre later.
On the beach three large fires were kindled. Live music plays. Performances with fire dancers and fire eaters are presented. The village choir sings traditional songs, which strongly remind us of the traditional Ticino songs like Oh bella ciao, bella ciao ....... Spanish families sit together and enjoy their home-cooked meals fine, it is grilled and everywhere is a wonderful mood to feel.
fiesta-san-juan-1 fiesta-san-juan-2 fiesta-san-juan-3

June 18

Because of the notorious nozzle between Las Palmas and Tenerife, Las Palmas, we want to happen in the north. This means first of all to show up against the wind. After so long in the quiet harbor makes us the Atlantikschwell to create genuine. We both fight against seasickness and are glad to have got a place in the marina Radazul in the east of Tenerife to 60sm at 21.00 clock.

The second 60 sm we do in two stages, as we want to have more time. In the late afternoon we arrive in the not ready yet built Marina San Miguel, south Tenerife. The next day we sail with light winds the remaining 28 nm up to Gomera. We look forward to the school of dolphins which accompanied us for a short distance and sift for the first time families of pilot whales, which bask on the surface.
tenerife-south coast of-6
10 nautical miles from the island, the wind up to 7 Bf (60 km / h) increased. we fight to the last 1 ½ hours against wave and wind and we're thrilled to San Sebastian from our sailing friends Claudia and Bernd to be welcomed.

June 11

We rent a car to finally see something of the island and of course to make bulk purchases in the coming months.
Excursion Cran Canaria (1) Excursion Cran Canaria (2) Excursion Cran Canaria (3) Excursion Cran Canaria (4)

About beautiful hills we reach the small town Teror. The road to the old town is locked and we also see the same why. In all town roads road images are designed. With natural materials and colored salt the complex, intricate mandalas are designed.

A true eye glory! We learn that in the evening, a procession through the town and over the weekend held a village festival. We are pleased to have visited the town at the right moment. Read full post »

June 08

Las Palmas
Here in the marina we want to take all the important unfinished work in attack. So to say our to-do list work off. Then we headed on. We soon set to work.
First, the passage is renewed from the salon to the aft cabin. The old vinyl cladding dissolves everywhere and hangs down, the makeshift repairs do not last, everything must come down. We have to move in the forward cabin, the panel will be pulled down, grind the foam residues and scrape, putty and strung with new vinyl or carpet. This sounds easy, but is a big job and a mess to murder. Despite covering a dirt and the dust penetrates into all scratched from the ship. How glad we are that we have all the other parts already reupholstered on the ship. Dead tired we fall evening on our "construction site" to bed. But wait first nor rearrange everything and make the V-berth free. Who has not even the experienced can not imagine how hard it is to pull through a small space such a project. All days are mattresses, tools, etc. rearranged and in between should be cooked in the adjusted kitchen! Remodel a house while living there already has its pitfalls (we also have experienced) but on a boat it is still a thousand times more complicated. But what joy when after work again can stow everything in its place and for this it still looks nice. Hans Peter has done a great job again.

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