May 22

With Dieter, a German who lives in Lençóis more than 25 years, the day trip goes after the visit to the cave on to the various other highlights. Dieter is a German leader really recommended Tel +55 75 998 42 720 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +55 75 998 42 720 end_of_the_skype_highlighting Email:
We visit the waterfall Poco do Diabo:

Next, we visit the Orchid Garden:

Just in time for sunset we climb the Morro Pai Inacio:

After an eventful day, with unforgettable impressions, we return to Lençóis.

May 22

We take a day trip around Lençóis. We absolutely want the Gruta da visit Thorrinhã. A three-hour tour takes us here in the depths of the earth. We squeeze through narrow shafts and sometimes crawl on all fours, so that we can marvel at beautiful, new formations in the next room again.

The complex cave system always gives us new visions of stalagmites and stalactites. Intricate figures of calcium crystals remember one in ghosts faces, boots, locks and more. The imagination knows no bounds.
The rarest form is aragonite - flower. From a gnarled stem a round ball, which is occupied with sparkling peaks originated.

We admire the crystal room and spend a few minutes in the absolute darkness of the cave. No noise and no glimmer of light reaches us!
The cave is a highlight of the Chapada Diamantina.

May 20

We want to get to know the main town of Chapada Diamantina with its environment. In Lençóis 1850 was busy here at that time was the center of all diamond hunters all over the area.

In Lençóis we again find a hotel which is highly recommended. Eulina directs the Pousada SAFIRA with heart and soul. Immediately makes you feel welcome and comfortable in your pretty house. Tel +55 (75) 3334 1443 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +55 (75) 3334 1443 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Outside of Lençóis we meet on the last former diamond miners Seurat Cori. He tells us about his life as a miner and has to explain exactly created an environment to an all in his garden, which is trying to match the mining sites in the mountains of Chapada Diamantina.
62 years of his life Seurat Cori worked as miners and led a hard life full of privation. He lives for the diamonds and still the spark of the diamond rush in his eyes visible.

May 19

The weather forecast for the next days is not good. Rain is announced. However, we do not want to simply sit around and decide we still climb the highest waterfall.
The Cachoeira da Fumaça is located 1300m above sea level. From 340m height here, the water falls into the deep and only achieved as a mist the floor - hence the name "waterfall of smoke".

For the rise, we need about 2 hours and are dripping wet after a short time. Fog surrounded the hill and it is drizzling strong. After an initial steep climb we cross the moor-like plateau.

We cross it many small streams. The nature is unique and we enjoy the hike even in wet conditions. To arrive at the top, we must again wade through a larger river. This results in so much water that Hans Peter takes off his shoes, Lilian's are anyway already dripping wet, luckily a strong rope over the river is stretched, otherwise you could be carried away a flow yet. Once at the top we bow timidly about the great stone slab, of which one has an insight into the deep canyon. The waterfall has plenty of water thanks to the rain. Usually this is not the case.
On the way back we look in vain for a only approximate dry place for our picnic. After a short rest we take the way home in attack. Despite bad weather we have experienced an impressive day, again with unique natural impressions.

May 18

Until Roco Angelica, small waterfall with pool, we have well found the way. Since it is shady and cool here, we want straight on to enjoy a swim in the waterfall and above Purificação. To which it is not, as we do not cross the river and search the way forward. For this, we come to a different path on a beautiful hill with great vision down the valley.

Here it should be mentioned that there are no trail markers and maps are bad. The local leaders would one prefer to accompany any little hike. We understand their business sense, but we are accustomed to wander ourselves through nature.

May 17

Capão is a small village which is visited by more tourists alternative. There are some fine restaurants. Where the pizzeria of Thomas, also a Swiss should be mentioned.
The people here are all creative. Everywhere you will discover their beautifully painted and designed slates, which advertise their offer:

May 17

On the same day, a little tired from the night bus ride, but fully urge to explore, we embark on our first hike. On two waterfalls we pass, but the third is to be the most beautiful. The weather can enjoy it to a first bath.

May 16

Continual rain lets us take the decision to leave our ship in aratu and make a trip to the wonderful nature reserve Chapada Diamantina.
Fully Loaded we go to the bus stop in aratu. We've included plenty of time as there is no distance, nor is a roadmap for the buses in Salvador. When changing planes we need about 40 min. were on the bus that takes us to the bus station Rodaviaria. The night bus "Real Express" we drive in 7 hours after Palmeiras. Costs 30.00 CHF / per person. Departure 23.00 clock in Salvador.
On the small village square of Palmeiras already waiting for the 4 × 4 taxi on the drive to Capão.
We have been informed by a Swiss, which there has Pousada SITIO GRUPIARA and rented rooms. Phone +55 (75) 3344 1113 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +55 (75) 3344 1113 end_of_the_skype_highlighting Email:

The house of Lars and Vilma is located on a wonderful, quiet place in the middle of a beautiful garden. The rooms are very clean. A large kitchen can be used on the porch and wait two hammocks for relaxing. We feel very comfortable here and have greatly enjoyed with them. Each time you get by Lars also tips for trips and other.

May 8

We are still in aratu at the dock.

We take the opportunity of electricity and water and do a lot. Working days are announced. Wash towels, bed sheets etc.. In addition, all warm clothes, which were for a long time not used in this moisture were musty. Everything must go, and in the tub.
The chain we put on the web. You we highlighted with light spray and wire ties and mounted upside down again. Thus, the last few meters, which were never used by our 85m long chain are used in the beginning. The anchor locker is flushed and new joints are attached. Read the full post »

May 4

Under full sail cloth we Salvador to Itaparica Island. In the Bahia Todos os Santos almost no wave builds up and we glide placid - Sailing at its best.

Before the small main town we drop the anchor. Finally, Sina can make the first leap into the warm tropical waters. Read the full post »

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