September 18

Sunday morning at 9:00 clock is to be a horse and ox parade in the town. We get up early and be on time at nine in the marketplace. All is calm. We drink only once a coffee and explore us. Yes, around noon the move will take place, we hear. Although a few weeks before anywhere in the village leaflets program pads with the time. That's Brazil, you never know exactly when what is happening where!
We do in the meantime for a bike ride. At 12:00 clock we are back now and then at 15.00 clock starts the move. Has to watch the hustle and bustle in the run and been great fun.
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September 12

When we want to take the dinghy to the jetty to shop at Maragojipe we were only 10 meters far. One last indefinable sound gave the engine is still on its own and then rest ... Oh, we must go back to the flow. Quick take the paddle out and back paddle.
We put our folding boat together. With this you can better rowing. Against wind and flow you have no chance with oars in a boat. So we can buy on the market a little late but still.
Hans Peter is the repair of the engine in attack, which takes time and patience. The gear rack which is used to transition knocked out. He must construct zufeilen and glue a new adapter. Thanks to its ability to find creative solutions, he creates this interesting challenge. In Brindisi has given us this is a mechanic ever repaired. Has only 2 ½ years held and cost a lot! Now we hope that Hans Peters efforts bear fruit longer. In any case, the engine has now shown after the repair and the maintenance of the best. When testing our dinghy came for the first time on the plane. We are curious how long it holds. Anyway, we have to look for a replacement engine.

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September 06

Filipe wants the Paraguaçu boot with his ketch Mistralis to Santiago do Iguape and invites us for a day trip. Charts, there is no and we drive slowly up the river, always the sonar in the eye. First we pass the small village of São Francisco do Conde. An old monastery, built in baroque style, impressive modern block on the riverside. After a further 2 sm we reach the village of Santiago do Iguape. Again, a magnificent church was built on the river bank.
Located in the idyllic village you will find the typical houses of Bahia with a village square, small shops, a restaurant where we ate fine, a school and bus connections to other major destinations. It is quiet here, little cars, the people are friendly, in many places the fishermen women small fish to dry on the flat baskets to the sun.
The anchorage is good, you could also stay here for a long time!

On the return trip the wind picks up and we rush with the wind and current down the river.
The next day it says sadly say goodbye to Karen and Filipe. The two must continue sailing towards Recife. They are with charter guests in the regatta Recife - participate Ilha de Fernando de Noronha.
In the few days together we have both fallen in love. We have made a lot together and spent with fine dining and Caipirinha with lively conversation for many hours.

September 05

Maragojipe is in the page flow from Paraguaçu, the Rio Guai. We want to take the dinghy up the river and are excited about what we discover. Cards from here you will find no more.

With influent tide we get the dinghy of Mistralis and our dinghy engine on the reconnaissance trip. The river is fringed with a large mangrove belt (bush trees whose roots can exist in salt water).
Apart from our dinghy engine everything is quiet and peaceful. As we discover in the distance a huge flock of red ibises. Immediately provides Hanspeter off the engine and we row closer to the beautiful birds which we see for the first time. We can paddle pretty up close, because all rise to a character, draw a large round over our heads and settle on the mangroves in the back rows. A beautiful show! Read the full post »

September 01

Together with Karen Filipe and we want to go to Cachoeira. Hans Peter is the mountain of Karen borrow and continues with Filipe the hilly stretch of about 25 km. Finally back again, a real bike under the butt - Hans Peter enjoys it.

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